Am I expected to know exactly what I want?

No, not at all. We understand that sometimes the need for a video is clear, however, the exact content of the video and its style are not clear at all. We recognize this and it is completely normal. We have systems and processes in place to help us understand you, your audience and what you need to say. Then together with our creative team, you will be invited to explore different options for your video. It is all part of the pre-production planning and we never rush this important idea development stage.

We understand that corporate videos exist to carry a message and we believe the most beautiful video is a complete failure if it doesn’t achieve its objective. We promise to give your project the time it requires to develop into video product which genuinely turns heads.

How long will the process take?

This really depends on your project. A promotional Video production can take just a single day to produce. In the past, we have deployed a production team to the location in the morning, edited their footage in the afternoon and delivered the finished film to the client by the evening.
Bigger projects take more time but aren’t necessarily more complicated. Pre-production is always the most important part of a production and is the most time-consuming element.
We always look for the most efficient way of producing the best-quality film for our clients.

How much does a video cost?

It is very difficult to give a guide price to produce video, as there are so many variables to be able to give an accurate estimate. However, we typically tell people that corporate video services will cost approximately £1000 per minute of finished film.
Corporate video production has become significantly cheaper in recent years, as improving technology enables faster, simpler video production.
Unfortunately, some video producers are not passing these savings on to their customers and continue to hold prices artificially high. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay less for video services than you would have five years ago.

Can you arrange voice talent?

Yes, we can! Almost every video we produce requires a guiding voice and we work with many different voice artists. We have our own in-house voice talent database which our clients able to search.
A voiceover is terribly important and the choice of voice artist can make or break a production. We established a searchable database of talent to enable our clients to hear a good range of options and to have the freedom to choose the voice they believe fits best with their brand.

How can we know the video will achieve objectives?

Our company works very hard during the pre-production planning stages, to properly understand the objectives of the project. We understand that a vide has a job to do and it must communicate clearly. It’s not all about the bells and whistles and it is more important than ever that a video does its job correctly.
With this in mind, we spend a healthy amount of time developing a video concept from the outset. Necessary research is undertaken, the audience is considered and understood, your competitor`s video presentations are carefully studied and your brand guidelines are digested.
Everything is taken into account to ensure the style of video we produce for you is the as effective as it can be.
In some cases, we trial videos on a selected audience, who are invited to comment on a video product before it is published. This allows any additional editing to be undertaken prior to the release of the video, ensuring key messages are loud and clear.